Huge Office Experience

Project Overview
Huge Inc. has offices around the world – with it's headquarters being in Brooklyn. This project details efforts to bring cohesion to the many disparate resources and projects occurring through the network. During my tenure (2016-2018)

I initiated and helped build a robust system that linked resources and work across offices.
Lead Product Design, Coding
Huge Inc.
Content Architecture
The goal of all three channels working together was greatercoherence. Between TV, TABS and SIDES, employees could meet a new hire, find an event and upload a piece of artwork for the entire company to enjoy – all with ease. TV exists all around the office – one main screen and several secondary that show off various programming blocks. Laptop browsers open directly to TABS, which shows that day's events calendar – plus handy links to resources otherwise hidden across dozens of emails and pdfs. PDFS! SIDES is a platform for sharing projects or hobby groups happening around Huge.

Huge TV.

Content Shoots
We arranged short video shoots  every two weeks and gave the opportunity for new employees to introduce themselves – and for the office to get to know them  ☺️
Satellite Screens
Complementary displays optionally ran content related to the main screen such as attribution or additional project information.
Text to Screen
One Block of functionality I wrote on a whim was the ability to text (MMS) any image to replace whatever was on there at the time. It became a hit and people even started using it for presentations instead of connecting their laptop. Twilio fees aside, this was a fun experiment.
Technical Bits
Huge TV Blocks were driven by self-contained HTML directories that held all needed content and functionality. The block shown here called to an internal social feed API.

Huge Tabs.

At Your Fingertips
Huge Tabs was a homepage for everything taking place in the office. Backgrounds were driven dynamically by employee uploads through the plus [+] button. All the resources on the left are services scattered across bookmarks, emails and otherwise. I conceived, designed and developed this portion alone.

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