Project Overview
Tripnotes was started as a skunk works internal project for Welcome in September, 2022. The idea was – how might we unlock unprecedented travel planning through a natural language interface?
Product Designer
Tripnotes / Welcome A.I.


Our Hypothesis
While working closely with travel planning experts, influencers and enthusiasts for Welcome, we learned a harsh truth about the way these users work; they almost exclusively work in text. The flexibility to create their own structure, the interoperable nature of text (copy/ paste anywhere!) and the absence of a learning curve all drove this decision. These experience principles drove our process. How can we design a better text editor for travel?
Video Demo
The above video walks through the core flow of using the MVP product. Each note is associated with a location and each comes with a text document and a map. The text and map are linked automatically as we scan your document for possible points of interest. A user can use the document just like any other – with the added benefit of automatic mapping, rich media and details about places.
Brand Mark
The brand mark was designed as a combonation of a location marker and an ink pen nib. Simple.
Generating and editing notes on mobile needed to be just as easy as desktop. For the note, we used the same two-panel design - text and map always connected.


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Organic Social posts
We got some good buzz as well as some organic social posts happening when we launched. I wrote and storyboarded many of our posts that gained close to 1M impressions on Twitter.

Up Next.

Future Plans
It's important to keep the bigger picture in mind and how the Tripnotes platform could grow. Above is an exploration of how the product could become an all-in-one pocket for travel inspiration. From here, we could make intelligent recommendations and deals based on the user's unique travel preferences.

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