Hello there – I’m a digital product designer, creative technologist & filmmaker

I’m currently a product designer at Welcome, an A.I.-driven travel guide. Previously, I was Director of Experience at Beyond and before that, Product Design Lead at Huge in New York City with clients Samsung, Google and Novartis.

My award-winning documentary series CYCLES highlights everyday activists around the world working in sustainability. I have opinions about frame rates.

Trained in a full-stack development at Flatiron School, I use coding to explore innovative interaction models and data-driven design solutions. I’m currently working on a multiplayer fitness game called Takeover.

Let's build something!
Welcome Travel A.I.
Product Design
Android Pay
UX, Creative Direction
Huge Office Experience
Product Design, UX, Code
Haute saison music video
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Research, UX & Prototyping
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Any Ring
Product Design, AR, iOS Prototype
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Huge XD School
Lead Instructor, Curriculum
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Cycles Docu-Series
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